The Ecology of Conversation


M.A., Judith Beck

SKU: 9781426933851


“From its core, dialogue is indeed, a model for love. For it to succeed, participants must recognize the value of each person’s perspective. They must demonstrate that belief through generous and heartfelt interaction. To value and be valued, after all, is at the core of humanity.” (Chapter 15)

Especially suited for self-inquiry and/or discussion groups, The Ecology of Conversation is a seminal book on the subject of authentic, generous and heartfelt communication. Written with elegance, vulnerability and heart, author Judi Beck empowers readers with information, stories and tools for excavating and understanding the inner messages that power one’s relationships and interactions – with self and others. Equipped with fresh perspectives and self-knowledge, readers may expect to:

Decipher the ingrained messages that influence interactions
Acquire generative conversational skills and improve listening skills
Direct newfound self-awareness toward deeper interactions
Create a group of committed conversationalists


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