tales of rural life


Del Re, Joann Hunter

SKU: 9780578206172


An engaging storybook of childhood memories written in rare limerick style by now eighty-six years young Joann Hunter Del Re, in which she chronicles country life in the Deep South from 1938 to 1946.

Following her mother being “taken to Heaven” when Joann was only three months old, she and her three older siblings lived with kin for five years until their father returned with a 19-year old bride and moved them to a farm in Georgia country, which is where her “tales of real life” begin.

In limerick form, Joann describes their “40s lifestyle through their childhood adventures, their hardships and their joys, the addition of four more children and many farm animals, building their own home, and how the war changed their lives. Her authentic vocabulary coupled with detailed pen and ink illustrations by her niece Pamela Jo Hunter takes you back in time through her tales of family life on the farm.

You”ll laugh, you”ll cry, you”ll be thoroughly captivated with these heartfelt treasures about a time and a place when life was simple and real.


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