Storytelling In The Global Age: There Is No Planet B


Boje, David M

SKU: 9781786346711


Can the fall of globalization told through true storytelling save humanity from its own extinction? The Sixth Extinction has begun and there is no Planet B. To prevent further damage to the earth’s ecosystem, this book proposes a new ‘Globalization Praxis’ that focuses on nine planetary boundaries. This praxis is called ‘true storytelling’. True storytelling is an ethical praxis, a methodology, and an antenarrative process of strategy.Storytelling in the Global Age provides a new approach while uncovering ten myths of globalization. Each myth explores three storytelling layers, which are: narrative-counternarrative, Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK) living story, and antenarrative layers beneath. This book is useful for professionals and students within this field.


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