Polymers in Oil and Gas Industry


Mittal, Vikas

SKU: 9780648220503


Applications of polymers in various aspects of oil and gas industry are targeted in the book. These applications include enhanced oil recovery, oil spill clean up, membranes, adsorbents and coatings, among others. The majority of the chapters review the current state of art of the polymer applications in these areas. In addition, ample fundamental insights have been provided to make the readers aware about the importance of polymers and polymer nanotechnologies prevalent in oil and gas industry as well as to tune their performance to achieve certain set of properties useful for their applications. In summary, the book serves as a ready reference to not only the new researchers, chemical, petroleum and mechanical engineers, and plastic technologies, but also practicing scientists in both industry and academia. The book also serves as a reference text for the post graduate university students in materials, polymer, chemical, petroleum and mechanical engineering disciplines. For more details, please go to


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